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Home restaurant - Private dining club @ Budapest

Who are we?

Zsófi – Her motto is you are what you eat. She keeps the guys together. If needed, she will set the table instead of them, she makes sure, that they don’t over salt the food, and she tries to restore order when things get out of hand. Her specialty is desserts, she will not touch mushrooms, and she likes colors and earrings. In the real-world she is a TV editor.. 

Tomi – He cooks with feeling, he doesn’t care for official measurements, and he doesn’t use recipes out of principle. He is convinced that with sufficient humbleness and equipped with a cast iron pan, he can prepare any meat. And for some insider info: he has never had coffee in his life, and he keeps away from most fruits as well. In his civil life, he works as a market researcher. 

Marci – He is precise without boundaries, so he measures the salt to the last gram. The harmony of flavors and the rhythm of a menu are high priority for him.  He loves meat, cacao, and seafood. He is the critical type, but his heart is of gold. His dad started out with catering and ended up in the field of education, Marci’s first profession was education.

What is home restaurant?

So what’s all this? An answer for those who just discovered the home restaurant, and for those who have been checking it out for a while now, but have not dared to ask.

All over the world, more and more gourmands are attending dinners at secret, VIP home restaurants. The top secret gastronomy sessions are often conducted by unofficial chefs, who have a passion for cooking. The locations range from private homes, to garages and galleries, but sometimes, the tables are set up on a field.

Ok, so we aren’t the ones who wrote this, and it may sound strange, but this is actually what it’s about.
Now, with our own words: urban youngsters, who love to cook, invite friends and friends of friends, and make their best effort to serve a professional meal. That’s all folks.

Who is all this for? If you found this page, you most probably know one of us, or have heard of us from somewhere, so this is for you! Come and bring your friends, get acquainted with the friends of your friends, and leave the rest for us!

Why are we doing this?

A few years ago on joint vacations, we noticed that we were always the ones in the group who would wake up early and go to the market despite being hung-over, and we were the ones who were the happiest to be tainted with ink up to our elbows during the cleaning of squid, and we were the ones who cleaned up the grill after our starved friends. So we realized pretty soon that we were born to do this.

But what next? How can we go on with no capital or much experience in catering, we figured our enthusiasm was just no enough. But then we had a fantastic idea: why can’t we play restaurant at home?! So from there the road led straight into Zsófi’s kitchen, where we created – after some clumsiness and quarreling – our first joint three-meal course. The guests survived as well, even more, they recommended us to others. So slowly the story evolved, and by now we have a favorite butcher, fish-seller, and wine dealer, and the guests reserve all seats within a couple of hours. 

So why are we doing this? We want to demonstrate that restaurant business can function in unconventional locations as well. We think this genre is somewhere between a homey lunch with friends and a many-course gourmet restaurant dinner. We are not professionals, but we pay special attention to the ingredients, technology and presentation of the dishes. Our aim is for our guests not to just simply eat themselves full, but to get to know each other, the food, and the chefs.

Application information

You can get all the updated information on our home restaurant on our website (, and on or Facebook page ( We try to organize one or sometimes two dinners a month, and we also do open air grill parties a few times a year. 

If you want to be informed about our events regularly, you can sign up for our newsletter by writing us an e-mail.

We have limited seats, so participants are chosen by drawing.

Let us explain the sign-up process:
  1. we post the exact date and menu of the dinner a about a week before the event, on our website, on Facebook, and in our newsletter
  2. you must send an email to our address e-mail with your request
  3. we draw the names
  4. we inform all applicants, those who got in and those who did not as well
  5. we send detailed information about the dinner to the selected guests

Everyone is welcome in our home restaurant. We only request that you write a few lines about yourself with your application. We open our home and our kitchen to our guests, so we want to get to know you as well.